About Rooman

"Confidence and Hard work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure. It will make you a successful person ."[ APJ Abdul Kalam ]

Everyone loves to rise like a Balloon and fly high like a kite. The world loves success and successful high-flyers Some of them like-Windows fame Bill Gates; Apple fame Steve Jobs or back home in India- Narayan Murthy and NandanNilekani of Infosys are emulated . Followed and almost worshiped. We know that caring Parents like you wish the same for you Sons/ Daughters Rooman Technology & classes your optimism and censures that your wishes come true.

Our Vision

Welcome to Rooman Technology & classes we are group of concerned Teachers with collective teaching experience of over 20 years. We shall groom and train talented students of XI - XII to enter one of the NIT/ IIT/Medical colleges to become successful engineers / doctors who will contribute substantially to build India into a super power it deserve to be. What Rooman does the students we ensure that student learn in a very friendly but disciplined manner. We ensure that their understanding improves since it is of utmost importance. Equally important is developing love and liking for the subjects they study. Also, they must not have any fear of failing about any subject or part of the subject; nor should they fear any teacherAt Rooman Technology & classes all teachers are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but all of us are fee and friendly.

Our Mission

At Rooman Technology & classes we do everything make our students comfortable, so that are transform them into-sharp, respective responsive and responsible. Extra care we know that successful students must have certain attributes such as Character, Dedication, Good values, Integrity, and a positive attitude application to succeed in career and life. At Rooman Technology & classes, apart from scholastic abilities we also try and help students to build abovementioned qualities, since we are equally concerned about their becoming socially aware and caring citizens in future.

Why Rooman Technology?

Rooman Technology & classes we are group of concerned Teachers with collective teaching experience of over 20 years.

Highly experienced faculties for IIT/ JEE / AIEEE /AIPMT.
Highly experienced faculties for BOARD.
Integrated schooling for CBSE & STATE Board.
Digital Classroom learning /Online Result analysis platform.
Hostel Facility available.
High quality study material , Printed Notes / Regular Doubt solving sessions.
Personal Attention to Every Students.
Only 30 Students in each batch.
All Students Under one roof.
Unit Tests Every Week and Preliminary Exams After November.
Board Exam, and competitive Exam .
Parents can live see Whether their Children are attending classes or not by using our mobile app.
Attendance taken by using Biometric Thumb Machine .
Library Facility with Exhaustive Material.
Doubt Solving Sessions.
National level Test Series.
Excellent track record in IIT/ JEE/ AIEEE/ AIPMT/NDA/AFMC & Board Exam.